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Hitech Lucroit 165mm Holder and Lucroit W/A adapters
Formatt Hitech 165mm x 200mm Graduated ND Filters
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New JT Long Exposure 165mm ProStop Kits
Hitech 165 long Exposure Kit

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Formatt Hitech the only camera filter maker in the world that makes in house
every kind of popular camera filters in use around the world.

165mm x 165mm IRND Filter JT Kit with Hitech Lucroit Holder and Nikon 12-14 lens mount
with 3 Prostop filters and filter pouches $821.18 ORDER

165mm IRND Filter JT Kit with Hitech Lucroit Holder and Canon 14 L II lens mount
with 3 Prostop 3, 6 and 10 stop filters and pouches $821.18 ORDER

Call or email 2filter for excellent package deals
with the Formatt 165 Lucroit Holder
and Formatt Hitech 165mm Filters for other lenses

We will custom make a complete system for you and save you $$$

Hitech Lucroit Super Wide Holder System
and Hitech 165mm ND graduated filters

Hitech 165 grad holder for Canon and Nikon Ultra Wide Lenses
plus several other popular lens makers ultra wide's
including 72mm, 77mm and 82mm w/a lens adapters,
165 ND Pro Stop 10 filter, 165mm reverse graduals and Hitech ND graduals HE and SE edges

Formatt Hitech Pro 165mm Filter Products

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Hitech Lucroit Holder
Camera and "Bogen" tripod not included, .
2filter ask us about our attractive 165 systems kits

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Hitech filters Hitech Lucroit 165 Holder for Canon and Nikon Ultra wide lenses and other popular ultra wide lenses, full range of ND gradual filters 165mm x 200mm HE and SE, Reverse ND Graduals, Hitech 165mm Pro Stop 10 filter Formatt Hitech ND solid filters, Lucroit Hitech 165 holder

Hitech Lucroit 165mm Holder and Hitech Gradual ND .6 HE Filter kit
with a custom mount for the Nikon 14 - 24 zoom

Hitech Lucroit System
Hitech Lucroit 165mm System Kit, The Lucroit Hitech Kit includes Nikon 14-24 adapter,
165mm x 200mm Hitech ND 0.6 HE gradual filter and Hitech Lucroit 165 Holder.
camera and lens not included
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Call or email 2filter let us make up a package deal for you
with the Formatt Hitech 165mm Lucroit Holder and Formatt Hitech 165mm Filters

complete custom systems and save money

Formatt Hitech catalogue of resin camera filter choices, many new filters
Formatt Hitech filters have the most choices in C39 resin in the world
PDF of the catalogue click here

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