Tiffen FiltersTiffen Variable ND camera filters
Tiffen 77VND Filters for HD Video and HD Digital SLR's
Tiffen VND 52mm, 62mm,67mm,72mm and VND 82mm filters

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Tiffen Variable ND 77mm 2 f/stops to 8 f/stop Filters
also in sizes 52mm to 82mm

Tiffen VDN camera filter
Tiffen 77mm VND Camera filter including Tiffen Pro filter pouch
and the only Variable ND we have seen that includes a instructional booklet,
very useful for 1st time users

Tiffen 77 mm Vari-ND Camera Filters
available in sizes 52VND to VND 82mm
Tiffen variable neutral density (VND) optical filter. Designed to replace a range of traditional fixed ND filters, this is the first  Made in USA! Vari ND's by Tiffen Filters.

The Tiffen 77mm VND, now available, is perfect for digital still photography and HD SLR video cameras and provides 2 to 8 stops of light control within a thin 9 mm rotating ring. Designed and manufactured in the USA, The Tiffen VND filters comprises high quality optical glass and uses Tiffen's established ColorCore Technology. The Tiffen VND filters includes a wide outer optic to help reduce any vignetting effects when using wide-angle shots and is supplied in the Tiffen Professional series padded pouch.

The Tiffen 77mm VND Filter offers the convenience of several neutral density filters in one filter. Its main use in the photographic work is for controlling the depth of field and exposure. It is also useful in the video HD DSLR work place because of its small size, light weight and speed of use, when set up time is a premium.

Carey Duffy, Technical Director (Filters) at Tiffen International, said: "The 77mm VND will be very popular tool for the busy photographers and HDSLR shooters who may be pressured with little time to set up. It's ideal for quick 'run and gun' videos and suits their quick set up and needs for a wide range of performance in compact and light equipment. I would always advise individual neutral density filters, but this is a fantastic option for a wide variety of shooting applications."

Testing here at 2filter has found the Tiffen Vari ND products polarizing foils are neutral. The 2filter Tech Guy is in the process of shooting test shots from all the popular brands of ND faders. 2filter has tried some units made in China, most have been way off color and lot of Photoshop time to correct file colors if you even can. some Variable ND Faders are so off color you better shoot in B+W only. Other brands from China, 2filter has seen dust in between the 2 polarizers and finger prints, which you just can not clean!
The Tiffen VND quality after selling hundreds are perfect.
available in sizes 52mm to 82mm
Excellent ND variable range for any HD video in 2014, From 8 stops of ND reduction to 2 stop works perfect

New for 2014 IR Blocking Variable ND 77mm from Tiffen
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International use 603-352-0047 New Hampshire, New England, USA

Tiffen VND filter
Tiffen VND filter upside down to show flare out of the rotating
filter mounting ring to control vignetting

Provides 2 to 8 Stops of Light Control
Rotates to Whatever Density You Need, Indexed for Easy Adjustment
Thin 9mm Profile no front threads, Saves Expense of Multiple ND Filters
Does Not Require Matte Box, Uses Tiffen's ColorCore Technology
Black easy to turn aluminum rotating filter mount, 10-Year Warranty, Made in the USA

Tiffen 77 Vari Neutral Density, 2 stops to 8 stops
ND Variable Camera Filters needed for HD light control and to allow maximum control of depth of field in daylight

Tiffen VND 77mm filters the most popular size
It takes time to make things well,
Tiffen for over 75 years continues to think about the quality of the images their filters create
Now in a full range of sizes
Tiffen VND 58mm, 72mm, 52mm, 67mm,
62mm and 82mm
Tiffen VND Vari-ND camera filters with
Pro Tiffen pouch
place in cart for special
place in cart for special

New for 2014 Tiffen IR Variable ND 77mm
2 f/stops to 8 f/stop Filters, another 1st in the world from Tiffen
Variable filter with IR blocking, perfect for the Black Magic Camera
$244.22 ORDER

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Lee Filters Metal Filter Storage Case
fits 100mm 4x4 Lee Glass 2mm Thick Filters
also fits 77mm VND (little loose) and 82mm VND round filter (snug)

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