Marumi Camera Filters for digital cameras
Marumi DHG and SDHG camera filters at Attractive Prices
all made in Japan

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Welcome Image Makers of The World, has been helping professionals,
and new image makers for 27 years to understand camera filters and select the best camera filters for their digital creative requirements.
The first retail store in the world to specialize
in the marketing of camera filters.
With the arrival of 4K Ultra HD cameras in 2014 the quality
of the camera filter matters
After 27 years 2filter understands what makes a camera filter

the absolute best
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Marumi Super DHG CPL
Look at the dark blues of the sky from the Marumi SDHG circular polarizer.
Taken with 12-24 no lens hood, I lost it.

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Marumi Exus
Camera Filters

For High End Lenses
In Stock
The absolute best

Made with Ultra Water White Schott glass
Marumi Circular Polarizers
DHG MC 40mm Circular Polarizers IN STOCK
all styles EXUS DHG SDHG
Circular Polarizers
Marumi DHG Multi coated Star Filters
Star Filters Filters

Clear Marumi Super DHG Filters
First introduced in 2006
and ten years later still one of the worlds best filters

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Marumi filters
Marumi DHG Camera Filters all made only in Japan
only sells first quality Genuine Marumi Camera Filters
  Authorized United States of America Marumi Dealer
Marumi DHG Filters
2filter only purchases Marumi Camera Filters from
the United States Authorized Importer
and all filters are made in Japan

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Marumi filters Located in
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New Hampshire, USA

Marumi Exus Filters In Stock

Marumi Super DHG Clear Camera Filters
Solid glass filters anti reflective coated optics
99.5% light transmission all made in Japan
Field proven Super DHG coatings 1st introduced in 2006 and now ten years later still one of the best

The Super DHG coatings are so good at certain angles you almost can not see the optical filter glass
Mounted in Aluminum black anodized finished filter rings double threaded front and back

Marumi DHG Filters

Marumi Digital HG Circular Polarizers
Mounted in only 5 mm high rings, the len caps work fine
Aluminum black anodized DHG rotating CPL filter mount in field use for 11
Solid Japanese Optical Glass and all Marumi filters are
only made in Japan
2filter sells only Marumi filters made in Japan

Marumi Variable ND filters ND2 to ND400
In sizes 52 to 82mm a useful tool for HD Video

Marumi DHG Camera Filters

Marumi Neutral Density Filters
ND2, ND4 filters 3 f/stop ND8 only in DHG Multi coat

Marum filters
Marumi Circular Polarizers
maximized performance for digital cameras
Circular Polarizers, DHG and Super DHG Digital Circulars,
EXUS Circular Polarizers

Please note: all the EXUS and Super DHG's and DHG's both have front threads
rotating polarizer mounts have been field proven for years
Look at the warm tone difference the Marumi EXUS Filters they are perfect for landscape photography
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Marumi EXUS vs B+W XS Pro
Marumi Exus Filters In Stock

Marumi the only 100% in house maker of camera filters in Japan
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New Hampshire, USA

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Marumi Camera Filters

If any Marumi camera filter we ship to you
is not perfect for any reason
call us toll free 1-800-882-2832 hours
 We will send you, no charge a replacement filter with a prepaid return envelope for the defective filter 
It never costs you a penny
to correct a problem
Thanks to our years of expertise in selecting the best quality filters, we don't have to replace many

Marumi filters Located in
No Sales Tax
New Hampshire, USA