Marumi DHG Digital Variable ND ND2-ND400 Filters
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Marumi Digital HG Filters, the digital filter line of Marumi
Camera filter products and Marumi offers a HD Camera persons dream tool

Marumi DHG Vari ND's are field proven now for years here in the USA
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1 f/stop to 9 f/stops, in Japan known as ND2 to ND400
Designed to be perfect for wide angle
digital HD video cameras and HD DSLR cameras.

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Marumi Variable ND2-ND400 filter

  Marumi DHG Variable ND2 to ND400
slim mount 1 f/stop to 9 f/stops rotating vari ND filter


  Marumi Digital Variable ND Filters in DHG slim mount
ALL Marumi Digital series filters have Black Ink Processing
on the edge of the filter optical glass to reduce internal reflections
to maximize the filters performance

Marumi ND2-ND400 variable ND
Marumi Variable ND from the bottom of the filter
showing the flair out of the rotating mount

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MARUMI DHG Variable ND Filters
ND2 to ND400 made in Japan
"Digital High Grade"
Place filters in our shopcart to see our attractive prices
SIZE 58mm 67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm

  DHG Digital
Variable ND
1 to 9 f/stops






New sizes of Marumi DHG ND2-ND400 filters
in the USA 49mm, 52mm, 55mm and 62mm call us for prices
Little filter 101 FYI, ND1000 sounds strong but is only 10 stops in the language of "ND" markings,
ND400 is 9 stops

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Marumi Super DHG Circular polarizers all made in Japan

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