Graduated ND Lens Filter Holders
84mm, 100mm, 150mm and 165mm Systems

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Comparison and tech facts on all brands of 100mm 4x4 lens filter holders, they are not all equal

3 new complete modular holder systems now in the market 67mm, 75mm and 85mm
Always remember the quality of the ND filters that can be used in the holder is the ultimate of importance,
the lens filter holder doesn't help create the image file (the picture) the perfect ND lens filter does.
The quality of the ND lens filter material is an very important choice to make when picking a gradual system.

Grateduated ND Filter Holders
Features, differences and benefits of each
Lens Filter holder systems and complete camera filter choices.
Reviews of 4 brands of 4x4, 100mm camera filter holders
All prices are current as of 5-2014

4x4 Holder Systems
Features and Facts in the 100mm size
Lee FK system Cokin Z Pro Hitech
Hitech Metal Modular Schneider 100mm holder
Price of holder
$88.84 $78.76 - $61.11 sold with
77mm w/a ring only
number of any filters held 3 2*   2* 2
1st filter Slot closest to the base is used for any filter


IRND solid
ND solid
Schneider 4mm
Glass filters or any glass 4x4 made in the world
Price of standard adapter $32.22 $41.53 $ $26.17 n/a
price of wide angle adapter $60.60 n/a $ $53.11 $57.74
Total price 100mm holder and standard 77mm ring $121.06 $120.29 - $87.28 n/a
price with wide angle 77mm $149.44 - - $114.22 $164.31
weight of holder and ring 2.8oz 3.2oz 3.2oz 5.6oz 2.9oz
needed mounting ring for polarizer in metal and plastic $64.00
not needed  


105mm Circular Polarizer filter
$300.00 -   $271.11 $300.00
Lee Brand
Cokin Z circular polarizer 90mm - $754.77 - - -
105 mm mounting ring for Cokin Z Pro all popular brands of 105mm cpls fit ABS black mount - $29.72 - - -
Filter Sizes/Types All 100mm holders fit 4x4 (100mm), 4x5(100x125mm) or 4x6 (100x150mm) camera filters
1mm Gel types yes no no no optional
1.5mm Hitech Brand yes yes yes yes optional
2mm Cokin, Lee filters yes yes yes yes optional
2mm Lee Glass ND filters yes yes yes yes optional
3mm Hitech/Formatt Glass only optional   yes yes included
4mm Schneider, Tiffen and Formatt optional yes yes yes comes set up for only 4mm glass filters
Custom locking Rails
for 4 mm Glass on Schneider
no no no no yes
2mm rails for resin available included included included included yes
4mm rails for glass available yes included included included included
Filter Holder System Starter with 1 graduated ND filter with wide 77 adapter ring $257.62 $193.18 -

(4x5 grad)

Filter Holder System with 3 ND graduated filters with wide 77 adapter ring (see below**) $409.44
(4x6 grads)
- $296.22
(4x5 grads)
  Lee FK Cokin Z Hitech 85 Mod Hitech
metal Mod

Hitech Modular Aluminum 100mm Holder very attractive price,
Lee Filters FK 100mm holder, Cokin Z Pro 100,
75mm Lee Filters System.
Cokin P series, Wyndham HD84
and Hitech 85 Modular P series and Plastic Holders

Formatt Hitech 67mm metal modular holder only $19.20
that's less than the Cokin P Ring

Lee SW150 system and Hitech Lucroit 165mm holder fits most ultra wide lenses

*Both Cokin and Hitech advertise their filter holders fitting 3 resin filters
but the first slot (closest to the base plate) on both systems
only work for one type of filter.

The Cokin Z Pro holder only the Cokin Z164 Polarizer works
You will scratch other types of 2mm resin filters like ND graduated filters or
1.5mm 4x4 ND solids in the first slot on both the Hitech Metal Mod Holder or the Cokin Z Pro holders

All filters in total price shown include the brand ND gradual filters made by the filter holder maker,
Except the Schneider they include only 1 glass Schneider 4x6 grad in a filter kit

**Graduated filter sizes included in prices Hitech and Cokin the 4x5 size,
Lee and Schneider filters come only in 4x6.
Also only Lee and Schneider both include
padded pouches for the storage of both the 100 mm filter holder and the ND Gradual filters

The Cokin 3 ND filter U960 kit includes a large pouch like a separate camera bag,
to hold the complete Cokin Z Pro system filters, rings and Z holder

Formatt Hitech 82mm wide angles rings will not work on some newer Canon and Sigma lenses.

P series 84mm/85mm, the most affordable way to get started with ND graduated filters

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