Photo-Clear Microfiber Cloths
The right tool to keep any touch screen clean and useable
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A World Class cleaning cloth, a needed tool for the cleaning of fine optical lenses and filters. Works perfect for any touch computer screen, like the itouch, iphone, ipods, touch screens on cameras, touch phones. A must have to keep the devices operating properly. The Photoclear cloths are reusable and washable in 2 useable sizes

PhotoClear 7 x 7 clothes

Photo-Clear Microfiber Cloth  7" x 7" $5.66 each ORDER


close-up of photoclear cloth

Photo-Clear/Schneider Micro fiber Cloth 12" x 15" $15.44 each ORDER



Great for cleaning touch devices like the iPhone, iTouch, ipad, touch screen phones, computers even delicate C39 optical filter material

If it has a touch screen Photo-Clear cloths can be used. They work great on Multicoated filters. The micro fiber cloths are reusable washable and long lasting. Photoclear's are also great for cleaning screens, LCD touch computer screens eye glasses, and even glass crystals!  We have several customers that have made pouches to carry optical resin graduals and glass graduals, out of the larger Photoclear/Schneider cloths. The larger cloths are able to wrap most touch screen items totally for storage, plus you can clean the screen while you handel it
Photoclear 12" x 15" $15.44 each ORDER

Photo-Clear Microfiber lens cleaning cloth  7" x 7" $5.66 each ORDER