Giottos Rocket Air
 Super Air Cleaning System
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A funky tech approach to keeping your high-tech digital camera equipment dust free! The Giottos Rocket Air can be used on telescopes, computer keyboards, microscopes, communications equipment, just about any precision equipment or traditional and electrical musical instruments. 


giottos rocket air blower
2filter stocks only the medium size
rocket-airThe Giottos Rocket Air Blower is made with natural
and environmentally friendly rubber
Air inlet valve design prevents back flow from air tube
  • Detachable directive super air stream air tube not just a round hole
    design is very efficient in its directional blast
  • Unique rocket base design provides standing function, convenient use and storage
  • The Giottos Rocket Air can blow off dust particles,
  • even those clinging to items like CCDs due to static electricity, Easy maintenance
  • This Giottos Rocket-Air is far superior to the typical blower brushes included
    in most camera cleaning kits !!!

    We dislike that kind of brush/ blower so much,
    they really just dont work
    We have refused to sell them and never have for 25 years

    FYI: Our old 2001 Digital SLR CCD sensor
    after 2 years
    of daily use finally had to be cleaned in 2003 with Eclipse and Sensor Swabs. The Giottos Rocket-Air blower was all we had used up to the needed wet cleaning, after 7600 image files had been made

    FUNKY rocket-airRocket

    Giottos Rocket Air 6.7 medium size tall $10.66 ORDER