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Eclipse Cleaner 2oz Bottle 2 Pack

Manufacturer SKU# EC2



Eclipse Cleaner 2oz Bottle 2 Pack

ECLIPSE Optic Cleaning Fluid is the highest purity lens cleaner available. It dries as quickly as it can be applied, leaving absolutely no residue. That is why ECLIPSE, when used with SENSOR SWABS, is the only recommended cleaner for CCD and CMOS sensor cleaning. When used with PEC*PAD photo wipes, ECLIPSE is also safe and ideal for lens and filter cleaning.

When used with PEC*PAD photo wipes, ECLIPSE is also safe and ideal for lens and filter cleaning.

ECLIPSE is intended for all digital sensors and all critical optics.

Directions for lens cleaning with PEC*PADs:
When used with PEC*PAD photo wipes, it is possible to clean only the portion of the lens which is dirty eliminating “hazy swirls”. Simply dispense several drops of ECLIPSE onto a clean, folded PEC*PAD. Wipe the surface until the dirty area has been covered. Then slide the pad off the glass at an edge rather than lifting from the center of the surface. Refold the pad to expose a clean side and re-wipe as necessary. If streaks remain, use a clean pad and re-wipe as necessary. Some experimentation may be required. Please note that other lens tissues may not work as well.

Directions for Digital Sensors cleaning with SENSOR SWAB:
Dispense several drops onto a SENSOR SWAB. With one side of the swab, firmly drag it across the sensor. Repeat in opposite direction using the clean side of the swab. Discard swab after use. If repeat is necessary please use a new swab.

Click here to view video demonstration.

PEC*PADs are not recommended for cleaning the CCD. PEC*PADs are not made from the same materials that are used in SENSOR SWABS. SENSOR SWABS are manufactured and sealed in a clean and sterile environment; therefore, the swabs are the ultimate in purity. Photographic Solutions does not approve the use of PEC*PADs on sensors; therefore, we will not warranty the CCD or any camera part from any damage caused by using non approved products.

Traveling by air with ECLIPSE:
Technically, the regulations allow some exemptions for small amounts – usually ˝ ounce or less (about 7 ˝ mL) . The items referred to in the regulations are for such things as small butane lighters, and some medical items. Strictly speaking the regulations seem to prohibit things like cleaning solvents, especially in volumes greater than the allowable ˝ ounce.