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Haida 100-Pro Series 100mm Filter Holder




Made from high quality aluminum, the Haida 100-Pro Series Filter Holder is designed to hold up to three 2mm thick filters (100x100mm or 100x150mm) at a time. The Haida 100-Pro Series Filter Holder contains a main adapter ring that attaches to the filter holder, allowing you to attach the Haida 100-Pro Series 82mm NanoPro Circular Polarizer (sold separately) in the round opening in the middle of the filter holder. Once attached, the Circular Polarizer can rotate up to 100 degrees, allowing you to remove remove reflections and glare from non-metallic surfaces, such as water.

The Haida 100-Series Pro Filter Holder requires Haida 100-Pro Adapter Rings (sold separately) and is not compatible with the original Haida 100 Series Adapter Rings. The newly redesigned 100-Pro Filter Holder allows for greater flexibility and creative possibilities, making it one of the highest quality filter holders available for use with 100mm filters.