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Haida 4x4 100mm Filter Holder



Haida 4x4 (100mm) Filter Holder

The Haida 4x4 Filter holder comes set up to hold (3) 2mm Filters. This lightweight Aluminum Holder is sturdy and durable with a professional black finish so light will never reflect off the Holder and create flare. Haida’s Filter Holder is customizable so you can remove/add filter slots to suit your needs. One of the best attributes of the Haida Filter Holder is that it has been designed to house the 86mm Slim Circular Polarizer (sold separately) within the Holder itself, which means you can use the Polarizer in conjunction with Graduated ND or Solid ND Filters without giving up the use of a filter slot or compromising the wide angle abilities of your lens by having to place the Polarizer in front of the filter holder. This makes stacking filters an easy task as the Polarizer can rotate independently from the Graduated ND Filters. A secure wedge clip ensures that the holder will always stay firmly attached to your lens, just screw the Haida Adapter Ring onto your threaded lens, attach the Filter Holder and you’re ready to shoot! (Adapter Ring Sold separately)

The Haida 4x4 Filter Holder is compatible with many different filters; Lee Filters, NiSi Filters, Haida Filters, Formatt-Hitech Filters and the list goes on. Basically, the Haida 4x4 (100mm) Filter Holder will accept any 4x4 (100x100mm) or 4x6 (100x150mm) filter that is 2mm thick. This lower cost alternative to major manufacturers will impress you with its high quality construction!

PLEASE NOTE: The Haida 100mm Insert Filter Holder is only compatible with the Haida 100-Series Adapter Rings, and is not compatible with the 100-Pro Series Adapter Rings.