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Haida NanoPro 100-Pro 100mm Advance Landscape Kit

SKU# HDN100P183069SCPL

Kit Includes:

  • Haida 100-Pro Series 100mm Filter Holder & Haida 100-Pro Series Adapter Ring
  • Haida NanoPro 100-Pro Series 82mm Circular Polarizer
  • Haida NanoPro 4x4 (100x100mm) ND 1.8 (6-stop) Filter
  • Haida NanoPro 4x4 (100x100mm) ND 3.0 (10-stop) Filter
  • Haida NanoPro 4x6 (100x150mm) 0.6 (2-Stop) Soft Edge Graduated Neutral Density Filter
  • Haida NanoPro 4x6 (100x150mm) 0.9 (3-Stop) Soft Edge Graduated Neutral Density Filter
  • Haida 100mm Series Filter Pouch - Holds up to six filters and one filter holder with adapter ring!



Haida NanoPro 100-Pro 100mm Advance Landscape Kit!

Made from high quality aluminum, the Haida 100-Pro Series Filter Holder is designed to hold up to three 2mm thick filters (100x100mm or 100x150mm) at a time. The Haida 100-Pro Series Filter Holder contains a main adapter ring that attaches to the filter holder, allowing you to attach the Haida 100-Pro Series 82mm NanoPro Circular Polarizer into the opening in the filter holder. Once attached, the Circular Polarizer can rotate up to 100 degrees, allowing you to increase or decrease the polarization and remove reflections and glare from non-metallic surfaces, such as water.

The Haida 100mm NanoPro ND 3.0 Filter provides a 10-stop reduction in light and is an essential filter for long exposure photography, allowing you to capture movement in the skies and water! The Haida 100mm NanoPro 1.8 provides a 6-stop reduction in exposure and allows you to create stunning images in lower light settings.

The Haida NanoPro 100x150mm Multicoated Graduated 0.6 and 0.9 Soft Edge Neutral Density Filter are designed to specifically reduce exposure in the skies and other bright areas of the image. These filters are rectangular in shape, allowing you to move the filter up or down within the holder to precisely position the graduation line for ultimate creative control.

Haida 100mm NanoPro Filters are made from high quality optical glass and feature a NanoPro coating that reduces reflections while being scratch and waterproof. They have no color cast and retain sharpness with no image degradation. As the NanoPro filters are 2mm thick they are compatible with most 100mm or 4x4 Filter Holders.

This Advance Landscape kit includes the Haida 6 Pocket filter pouch, which can hold 6 filters plus the Holder and Adapter rings!