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Haida NanoPro 77mm Clear Protective Filter




Haida NanoPro 77mm Clear Protective Filter

Clear protective filters are designed to protect the front element of your lens from damage, as well as dust, dirt, and the elements. Mounted in an ultra slim frame to avoid vignetting when used with wide-angle lenses, the Haida 77mm NanoPro Clear Protective filter features two types of coating on the glass: a multicoating to help reduce internal ghosting and reflections, and a Nano multicoating to repel water, making the filter easier to clean.

Haida NanoPro clear protective filters are rated to provide over 99.6% light transmission, resulting in no noticeable effect on your images, and feature front threads allowing you to combine this with another filter, such as a circular polarizing filter or a neutral density filter.

This filter is designed to fit lenses with a 77mm front thread diameter, and ships in a protective hard plastic case.