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LEE Filters 52mm Special Edition Landscape Kit 2

Kit Includes:

  • LEE Foundation Kit 4x4 Holder
  • LEE 52mm Wide Angle Adapter Ring
  • LEE 4x4 Little Stopper
  • LEE 4x6 Soft Edge Graduated Neutral Density Filter Set
  • LEE Filters 105mm Landscape Polarizer
  • LEE Filters 105mm Front Accessory Ring



LEE Filters 52mm Special Edition Landscape Kit 2 includes Foundation Kit, 52mm Wide Angle Adapter Ring, Little Stopper, Soft Edge Set, 105mm Circular Polarizer, and Front Accessory Ring

The LEE 4x4 Little Stopper is a 6-Stop ND Filter and is ideal for those low-light conditions at the beginning and end of the day allowing you to enjoy increased flexibility with exposure lengths. In many shooting conditions, this means that detail and texture in areas of movement such as the sky and water would be retained, while still conveying a sense of time passing. This LEE Filters Little Stopper 4x4 includes LEE Filters Exposure guide, LEE Filters User Guide, and a protective Metal Storage Case.

The LEE filters Soft Edge Graduated Filters perform best in the woodlands, mist, or interiors or any horizon line that has deviation such Rock Formations, Mountains, and trees - wherever there is no definite transition between sky and foreground, a soft grad will gently balance exposure across the image. LEE filters Neutral Density Grads can be stacked together, or with other filters, so you can respond to almost any lighting situation.

The LEE Filters 105mm Landscape Polarizer is a circular glass filter specially designed for landscape photographers using wide-angle lenses on full-frame DSLRs. This slimmer polarizer will go down to 16mm without vignetting when used with a two slotted filter holder on a full frame 35mm sensor.

However, the LEE Filters 105mm Landscape Polarizer comes with an added advantage. It has a slightly warm bias, adding an 81a warm-up to the filter, so not only is the photographer able to remove glare from shiny surfaces, or increase the contrast between blue sky and white cloud, they can also enhance the greens, browns and gold’s that are so often associated with photography in the landscape.

Because the Landscape Polarizer screws onto the front of the holder, it leaves both slots in the holder free, allowing the photographer to add further filters of their choice, opening up even more creative possibilities.