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LEE Filters 77mm Premium Long Exposure Kit

Kit Includes:

  • LEE Foundation Kit 4x4 Holder
  • LEE 77mm Wide Angle Adapter Ring
  • LEE 4x4 Big Stopper
  • LEE 4x4 Little Stopper



LEE Filters 77mm Premium Long Exposure Kit includes Foundation Kit, 77mm Wide Angle Adapter Ring, Big Stopper and Little Stopper

The LEE 4x4 Big Stopper is a 10-Stop ND Filter that will produce breathtaking images. With the Big Stopper, just a single filter allows you, the photographer, to increase the exposure to many minutes, rendering clouds soft, water smooth and milky, car headlights as streaks of color, or people as abstract, blurred figures.

The LEE 4x4 Little Stopper is a 6-Stop ND Filter and is ideal for those low-light conditions at the beginning and end of the day allowing you to enjoy increased flexibility with exposure lengths. In many shooting conditions, this means that detail and texture in areas of movement such as the sky and water would be retained, while still conveying a sense of time passing. This is the ideal polarizer for auto focus SLR cameras. This filter is placed into the filter slot of a 4x4 filter holder, then to increase or decrease polarity, you simply rotate the entire holder. This filter is recommended for studio use or when no graduated filters are required.

LEE high quality glass polarizing filters manage the waveforms of light traveling to the camera from most reflective systems. Glare and reflected light can be altered by rotation of the polarizing filter. The effect can be seen through the lens of reflex cameras as the filter is rotated. When used outside on sunny days, polarizing filters have the effect of saturating colors and deepening blue skies. This filter can also be used in conjunction with other filters.