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LEE Filters 82mm Oceanscape Starter Kit 1

Kit Includes:

  • LEE Foundation Kit 4x4 Holder
  • LEE 82mm Wide Angle Adapter Ring
  • LEE 4x4 Big Stopper
  • LEE 4x6 Hard Edge Graduated Neutral Density Filter Set



LEE Filters 82mm Oceanscape Starter Kit 1 includes Foundation Kit, 82mm Wide Angle Adapter Ring, Big Stopper, and Hard Edge Set

The LEE Big Stopper is a neutral density 100 mm filter that reduces the amount of light entering your cameras lens by ten f/stops. By greatly extending exposure times the LEE Big Stopper has the effect of allowing anything that is moving in your image to become blurred or ghost like, for example clouds get wispy, waterfalls look silky, rivers become ribbons of color, and the ocean so mystical. The LEE Big Stopper ND filter can also be used on city landscapes to blur people or on roads and highways to blur traffic. This LEE Filters Big Stopper 4x4 includes LEE Filters Exposure guide, LEE Filters User Guide, and a protective Metal Storage Case.

Whatever format you shoot, LEE Graduated Neutral Density filters help all cameras record scenes more like we see them - with a broad tonal range that's lost if not captured in the moment. As a general rule, a hard grad would be used for images containing a horizon, or any hard transition between the sky and the foreground - even with jagged or mountainous horizons, the exposure can be controlled far easier with a hard grad. LEE filters Neutral Density Grads can be stacked together, or with other filters, so you can respond to almost any lighting situation.