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LEE Filters SW150 Big Stopper Filter

Manufacturer SKU# SW150BS



LEE Filters SW150 Big Stopper Filter

This amazing filter has forever changed long exposure photography. The Lee Big Stopper is a 10-Stop ND Filter that will produce breathtaking images. With the Big Stopper, just a single filter allows you, the photographer, to increase the exposure to many minutes, rendering clouds soft, water smooth and milky, car headlights as streaks of color, or people as abstract, blurred figures

The Lee Big Stopper is a long-exposure filter that allows you to extend the exposure by approximately ten stops, permitting either a longer shutter speed or a wider aperture or a combination of the two. In the past, such long exposures have been problematic because of the potential for light leaks, but the Big Stopper features a foam gasket which fits firmly against the filter holder and ensures that a light tight seal is achieved.

Manufactured from high-quality glass, the Big Stopper fits the LEE SW150 Mark II and Mark I Filter Holder, so it can be used with a variety other types of filters, such as neutral density graduated filters. The SW150 Big Stopper comes in a protective Metal tin.

*** If you currently have the Lee SW150 Mark I Holder, the Lee Filters SW150 lighshield must be purchased separately to use the Big Stopper to ensure a light tight seal.