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LEE Filters SW150 Graduated ND Hard Edge Set

Manufacturer SKU# SW150NDGHS



Lee Filters SW150 Hard Edge Grad ND Set

The Lee Filters SW150 Graduated ND Hard Edge Filter Set comprises of 3 professional quality neutral density graduated filters (ND 0.3, 0.6, 0.9) with Hard graduations. The Lee Filters range of true, neutral density (ND) graduated filters enables the photographer to selectively adjust exposure across the frame without affecting color balance. Neutral Density Grad Filters are truly the essential filters for the landscape photographer. The most common use for Neutral Density grad would be to balance the exposure difference between the sky and the foreground, retaining the natural colors and detail without over-exposing and "burning out" part of the image.

Includes the Lee SW150 Triple Filter Wrap.

*** If you currently have the Lee SW150 Mark I Holder, the Lee Filters SW150 Light Shield is recommend to remove any issues caused by reflection.