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LEE Filters Seven5 37mm Graduated ND Starter Kit

Kit Includes:

  • LEE Filters Seven5 Starter Kit
  • LEE Filters Seven5 37mm Adapter Ring
  • LEE Filters Seven5 Soft Edge ND Filter Set



LEE Filters Seven5 37mm Graduated ND Starter Kit includes Starter Kit, 37mm Adapter Ring, and Soft Edge Set

Light, portable and perfect for street photography and general picture-taking on-the-go, compact system cameras feature the flexibility of manual controls and interchangeable lenses, but it hasn't always been possible to make the most of filters with them, until now. Comprising a lightweight, precision engineered filter holder, the LEE Filters Seven5 Micro Filter System is compatible with LEE's 75x90mm filter range, simply select the correct adapter ring for your lens thread, screw it onto the lens, snap on the filter holder and drop in the appropriate filter. In just a few moments you're ready to shoot.

The LEE Seven5 Starter Kit includes the LEE Seven5 Filter Holder and 0.6 Hard Edge Grad. A hard edge grad would be used for images containing a horizon, or any hard transition between the sky and the foreground - even with jagged or mountainous horizons, the exposure can be controlled far easier with a hard edge grad. This filter will reduce the exposure in the top part of the frame by 2 f-stops. The 2-stop grad is one of the most popular strengths of hard edge grad filters. Itís easy to use, one of the most commonly used, and will continue to be a staple in world of landscape photography.

LEE Filters Graduated Neutral Density filters help all cameras record scenes more like we see them - with a broad tonal range that's lost if not captured in the moment. As a general rule, a soft grad would be used for any setting that has a deviated horizon line, such as mountains, trees & rock formations. A soft grad reduces exposure without affecting color balance. LEE Filters Neutral Density Grads can be stacked together so you can respond to almost any lighting situation.

The filters for the Seven5 system are manufactured to the same standards as those for the renowned LEE 100mm system. Made in a way that meets the companyís exacting quality control in color and optical flatness, products in the LEE Filters range have become the benchmark by which other systems are judged, and are the indispensable tools of many photographic professionals worldwide.