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LEE Filters Starter Kit 2

Manufacturer SKU# LEESKIT



LEE Filters Starter Kit 2

The Lee Filters Starter Kit comes with an assembled FK Holder. A Coral 3 graduated filter is also included in this kit, which has enough tone to be used both as a grad or an allover warm-up filter. When this filter is placed across the sky, a warm, soft orange hue is introduced; when inverted it brings tone to greenery in the foreground. Also included in the kit is a 0.6 hard edge graduated neutral density filter, this filter will reduce the exposure in the top part of the frame by 2 f-stops. The 2-stop grad is one of the most popular strengths of hard edge grad filters. Itís easy to use, one of the most commonly used, and will continue to be a staple in world of landscape photography. These filters are rectangular in shape so that you, the photographer, have the ability to manipulate where the grad line falls within the frame. If you wish to have more skyline than foreground simply move the filter down within the holder. Moving the filter up within the holder will allow for more foreground than skyline, you have ultimate creative control!

Your Starter Kit includes:

  • Filter holder
  • 0.6 ND hard grad (100 x 150mm)
  • Coral 3 hard grad (100 x 150mm)
  • Cleaning cloth

*Adapter Ring not included, needs to be purchased separately.