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LEE Filters Seven5 0.9 Solid Neutral Density Filter

Manufacturer SKU# S5ND9



LEE Filters Seven5 0.9 Solid Neutral Density Filter

This filter will reduce exposure by 3 f-stops. The Lee 0.9 (3 stop) solid ND filter is the ideal filter for shooting waterfalls as its perfect for creating that milky, creamy look in water. The 0.9 solid ND filter can also be used for seascapes and landscapes to create stunning images. The purpose of a solid neutral density filter is to reduce exposure equally across the entire frame. This filter is used mainly in color photography for reducing light levels without altering the color of the image, it can also be used in black & white photography. Neutral density filters are particularly useful for compensating for too much light, in circumstances where altering shutter speed, aperture or film speed is not possible or desirable. LEE Neutral density filters have no impact on color balance as they are perfectly neutral.

Resin Filters are made from lightweight, optically correct polymeric materials. This ensures they are durable, easy to handle and can be wiped clean if sprayed by sea or sand during a shoot.

Because all LEE filters are handmade by skilled technicians, their quality is guaranteed.