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LEE Filters Seven5 Deluxe Filter Set

Manufacturer SKU# S5DS



LEE Filters Seven5 Deluxe Filter Set

Whether you need to balance the exposure between sky and foreground, eliminate distracting reflections from water or extend your exposure to convey a sense of peace and stillness, the LEE Seven5 Deluxe Kit contains everything you need for creative photography, including the Seven5 Filter Holder. Also included in this set, the Seven5 circular polarizing filter, with a unique clip-on design it means you can snap it onto the front of the holder and rotate it independently of any graduated filters also in use. This Deluxe Set contains both a 0.6 hard edge neutral-density graduated filter and a 0.9 hard edge neutral-density graduated filter, with two ND hard edge grads that can both balance the exposure and ensure a clean transition at the horizon, the possibilities are endless. In addition to the hard edge grads, a 0.6 soft edge graduate neutral density filter is also included for when you need to control contrast in a landscape, whether you’re shooting a mountainous scene or a close-up of the forest floor. Lastly, but certainly not least a Big Stopper helps slow your exposure to convey movement in clouds, grasses or streams, it will slow down the exposure by ten stops, rendering even the stormiest waters calm and serene.