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Lens Cleaning Tissue

Manufacturer SKU# TIS25



Lens Cleaning Tissue

Made in USA!

The lens tissue in this booklet is the world's finest optical tissue! It's extremely soft and virtually lint free. Safe for any optical surface such as camera lenses, microscopes, telescopes and binoculars. Each tissue is perforated for easy removal.

When cleaning a lens, use care not to scratch it. Some optical glass surface have reflection-reducing coatings that can be damaged by excessive cleaning or excessive pressure.

Keeping a cover or lens cap on your lens when not in use will protect it from dirt and pollution.


  • Remove dust and dirt by gently brushing with a blower brush or lipstick brush.
  • For fingerprints or scum formation use a drop of lens cleaner on a wad of lens tissue.
  • Wipe the lens dry with a piece of lens tissue using a light circular motion.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners or any silicon-impregnated products on your lens. Avoid excessive cleaning or excessive pressure as this may do more harm than good.