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Marumi 72mm EXUS SOLID Lens Protect Filter

Manufacturer SKU# AMXSLP72




Marumi 72mm EXUS SOLID Lens Protect Filter

Marumiís flagship EXUS SOLID Lens Protect Filters utilize newly developed super-hardened glass to protect your most valuable lenses. EXUS SOLID Filters are 7 TIMES STRONGER than normal filters! EXUS SOLID Filters can protect and defend your valuable lenses against damage from flying objects, clumsy fingers, curious pets, and other environmental hazards.

To protect your lenses even more, EXUS SOLID Filters feature super-hardened glass that is mounted in a newly designed retaining ring that fixes the glass firmly, so it wonít come off even if it gets hit with a strong impact.

EXUS SOLID also helps keep the front of your lenses clean and dust-free because of our famous EXUS Water & Oil Repellent and Antistatic Coating. Just wipe the filter surface gently to remove annoying dust, finger prints, or stains.

In addition to toughness, EXUS SOLID Filters feature an ultra-low reflection rate of 0.2%, to maximize the light transmission and sharpness of your lenses and support the full expression of your creativity.

Protect and defend your investment in glass with Marumi EXUS SOLID Filters!