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NiSi Filters 100mm Hard Case Second Generation - Holds 8 Filters (4x4" and 4x6")



NiSi 100mm Hard Case - Holds up to 8 2mm Filters, Fits 100x100mm or 100x150mm Filters

The second generation of NiSi Filters 100mm Hard Case is a convenient, practical filter box for any photographer. This finely crafted leather filter box can hold up to eight 2mm thick filters, including 100x100mm (4x4 inch) and 100x150mm (4x6 inch) sizes. The second generation case also adds a belt loop and secure clip that will allow the case to hang from the base of a tripod.

Each of the eight filter slots contains an individual acrylic plate that can be removed to hold a 100x150mm (4x6 inch) filter, or left in place to hold a 100x100mm (4x4 inch) filter. The filter slots keep each individual filter in place, and prevent them from scratching other filters in the box.

Features a secure seal on the lid that snaps shut.