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Manufacturer SKU# PAD44



PEC*PADs Pack 100

PEC*PADs are the ideal photo wipes for those who hate photo wipes! Before the inception of PEC*PADs, other photo wipes just fell apart, left lint and scratched emulsions. PEC*PADs are the only photo wipes that are extremely strong, lint-free and pure (99.999%) that it is almost impossible to scratch an emulsion with them. PEC*PADs are so soft that they can be safely used to clean all types of sensitive surfaces: Scanners, CD’s, mirrors, lenses, telescopes, etc. PEC*PADs are ideally suited for cleaning photographic film and print emulsions.

When properly used with ECLIPSE, PEC*PADs make it is possible to clean only the dirty portion of lens which eliminates the problem of “hazy swirls”. Simply dispense several drops of Eclipse onto a clean, folded PEC*PAD and lightly wipe surface in a single direction. Refold pad to expose a clean side and re-wipe as necessary.