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Photoclear 7x7 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Manufacturer SKU# 65-099490



Photoclear 7x7 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Unfortunately, most cloths simply move foreign matter around the glass. If the cloth is not properly moistened with an effective fluid, the glass can be seriously marred in the process of trying to clean it. Photo-Clear uses a laboratory designed and tested poly/nylon microfiber woven into a thick, durable fabric that performs like no other cloth.

Although silky smooth to the touch (and to the glass), the Photo-Clear cloth actually has a microscopic texture designed to cut through dirt and residue while lifting oil and moisture away from the surface via capillary action. Even after two thousand test abrasions, the Photo-Clear cloth performed like new with no deterioration of the fibers at all.

Simply put, this is the toughest, most effective lens cleaning cloth you can buy.