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Film, as well as video, often exhibits a greater sensitivity to what is to us invisible, ultraviolet light.This is most often outdoors, especially at high altitudes, where the UV-absorbing atmosphere is thinner; and over long distances, such as marine scenes. It can show up as a bluish color cast with color film, or it can cause a low-contrast haze that diminishes details, especially when viewing far-away objects, in either color or black-and-white. Ultraviolet filters absorb UV light generally without affecting light in the visible region.

It is important to distinguish between UV-generated haze and that of air-borne particles, such as smog. The latter is made up of opaque matter that absorbs visible light as well as UV, and will not be appreciably removed by a UV filter.

Ultraviolet filters come in a variety of absorption levels, usually measured by their percent transmission at 400 nanometers (nm), the visible-UV wavelength boundary. Use a filter that transmits zero percent at 400 nm, such as the Tiffen Haze 2, for aerial and far-distant scenes; the Tiffen Haze 1, transmitting 29% at 400 nm, is fine for average situations.

These filters are ideal in helping to protect your camera or camcorder lens against dust, moisture, fingerprints, scratches and damage.  They may be kept on your camera at all times.

The Tiffen UV Protector filter is the most popular protection filter.  It provides the basic reduction of UV light and is also available as a multi-coated filter, or in thin ring lens mount for wide angle lenses, and in multiple filter kits.

The Tiffen Sky 1-A is a popular general use filter with a pink tint for added warmth and better colors.  It is especially helpful when shooting in outdoor open shade and on overcast days.  The Sky 1-A absorbs almost half of UV light.  The Sky 1-A is also available as a multi-coated filter, and in thin ring lens mount for wide angle lenses.

The Tiffen Haze-1 is the best general purpose UV control.  It eliminates UV problems from most situations where increased haze tends to wash out color and image clarity.  The Haze-1 reduces excessive blue by absorbing almost 3/4 of UV light.  The Sky  1-A is also available in thin ring lens mount for wide angle lenses.

The Tiffen Haze 2A absorbs virtually all UV light. It reduces haze more than the Haze-1.  Perfect for use in high altitudes and along bodies of water, the Haze 2A is also  ideal for aerial shots, mountain scenes and marine scenes.  It maintains color and image clarity.

The Tiffen UV 17 filter was created for the technically-minded image maker who wants to absorb most but not all UV light.  It absorbs slightly less UV light than the Haze 2A.

The Tiffen Warm UV combines the benefits of the UV 17 with the Tiffen exclusive 812 Color Warming Filter for added warmth.  An f-stop compensation of 1/3 is recommended.

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