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Kase KW Revolution Magnetic Filters

Featuring convenient color coded rings to make it easier and quicker to identify each filter, Kase KW Revolution filters feature the same high quality coatings found on the Wolverine series resulting in an easy to clean and durable filter that produces true to life images. The multicoated filters feature an oil and water proof coating and are made from KW optical glass and mounted in an aluminum alloy frame. 

Each kit includes two magnetic adapter rings: a traditional threaded adapter ring that screws directly into your camera lens and is magnetic on the outer side, and a special inlaid adapter ring that screws into the round opening of your lens allowing the magnetic filters to sit closer to the lens which can help to prevent vignetting.

*NOTE: We recommend sizing up one filter size for lens that have a focal length of 30mm or below to be safe with preventing vignetting, especially if multiple filters are being used at the same time.*

 In addition to the magnetic connection on the front of the filter, KW Revolution filters feature front threads allowing for compatibility with traditional screw-in filters and accessories such as lens hoods and lens caps that require front threads to connect.

Click here to see more about the Kase KW Revolution filter system!


Haida ProII CPL VND 2 in 1 Combo Filter

This two in one combination filter features a Circular Polarizer and a 3-7 stop Variable Neutral Density Filter, each with their own separate controls, allowing you to dial in the exact image you desire.

The PROII CPL-VND 2 in 1 filter is constructed from optical glass for clarity as well as color fidelity. To prevent internal ghosting and reflections, the glass features eight layers of multi-coating. These coatings also offer greater protection to a filter substrate and help it to stay clean for longer than with uncoated filters.

For easier, repeatable control over density settings, the front ring is also visually demarcated with dots that represent different density values and includes a rotation lever to further enable fast, as well as precise positioning of the front ring.

The filter is mounted in an ultra slim aluminum alloy ring that ensures durability while allowing the filter to remain lightweight, while helping to minimize the potential for vignetting.

Click here to see more about the Haida ProII CPL-VND 2 in 1 filter!


Kase Magnetic Converter Rings for threaded filters

The Kase magnetic converter rings and ring kits allow you to convert round threaded screw-in filters into magnetic filters. The filter kits include two adapter rings, one that screws into the rear side of your threaded filter and features a magnetic connection on the back side of the ring, and a second ring that has threads on the rear side to connect to your lens and a magnetic connection on the front of the adapter, allowing you to quickly convert your threaded filters to magnetic!

The converter rings are also available as individual rings for the back of your threaded filter. These are especially useful if you have multiple threaded filters that you would like to convert to magnetic and don't need a whole set for each filter, or if you are planning on using the threaded filter with magnetic step up rings to cover smaller lens sizes.

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