LEE Big Stopper Filter 4x4 Glass Camera Filter
10 stop Neutral Density 100mm Filter
Lee Filters Big Stopper Filter ND 3.0
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The LEE Big Stopper 100 series fits in the same 2 mm filter slot
as all the LEE Filters ND Gradual Filters like the 4x6 (100mm x 150mm),
100mm 2mm solid ND resin or 100m Lee glass ND filters do.
No need to change your LEE FK holder filter guide set up in the field
Big Stopper Lee

In the Wonderful Ultra Wide Lens world
The LEE Filters 10 stop ND filter is just fun to use magic happens to so many subjects.
The images of water so mystical with softness and sharpness in contrast.
The rocky beaches, streams and rivers will never look the same.
So many photo blog sites have sections on just LEE Filters Big Stopper images
Photographers have developed their whole personal style on using a 10 stop or more ND filter
How much longer will the LEE Big Stopper extend your exposure times?

If you can stop down your camera to 1 second for exposure
using The Lee Big Stopper you will go to a amazing 16 minutes exposure.
We suggest have something to do while you wait the time to create the exposures.
A very steady tripod is a must have tool to go along with the Big Stopper.
Tech guy here at 2filter NH still uses a nice heavy Bogen tripod from the 70's

Visit the LEE Filters Web Site for more inspiration on the creative use of the LEE Filters Big Stopper,
The Images made by photographers from Great Britain, the USA and all around the world
are now stunning classics in landscape and seascape photography.

Lee filters 10 stop Neutral Density Glass! from Lee Filters of Great Britain
The first 2mm glass 10 stop in the world
and still the most desired ND filter ever made.

Lee Big Stoppers
All 2filter's LEE Big Stopper filters
are with the LEE Filters Custom Padded Metal Case
and a little label for the outside of the case. Lee Filters pays attention to the details

Lee filters Lee Filters Big Stopper 4x4 100mm Glass solid 10 f/stop Natural Density filter, with proven perfect light control baffle. first available in May 2010 in the USA. Now In 2014... The Lee Big Stopper camera filter is still the worlds best. The Lee Filters Big Stopper images we see on photographers web sites around the world
are all stunning. No color shift hassles in post
If it (nature) moves this camera filter will change how it is seen by your camera.

$150.00 ORDER
Included the LEE Filters metal storage case
Free Shipping to all USA zip codes

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After receiving so many since the start of deliveries in May 2010
A very Big Thank You!! to the hard working people
at Lee Filters from all of us at 2filter for continuing
to supply us with as many as they could.

Photographers have waited up to 7 months in the past years
Lee Filters Big Stopper filters have been worth the wait

Lee Filters Little Stopper Filter,
same 100mm 4x4 size but in a 6 stop version
suitable for lower light applications.
more info

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Lee Filters Metal Filter Storage Case
fits all 100mm 4x4 Lee Glass, 2mm Thick Filters

11.44 with free shipping to USA Zip Codes ORDER

email 2filter for international rates.

LEE Filters BS-ND production in 2014
has improved and are still LEE Filters quality perfect.

Our 1st delivery on Lee Big Stoppers was May 2010, 7 units for all of the USA. 2filter has now received deliveries of hundreds and hundreds and more are on the way in 2014. The Lee Filters Big Stopper filter is so worth waiting for
The LEE Big Stopper is so well thought out especially the special feature to deal with light issues.

Lee filters Lee FK Foundation Kit
4x4, 4x6 Filter Holder needed to use the 10 f-stop ND Lee Big Stopper filter
adapter ring needed for mounting to the camera lens
not included see below for sizes





Lee filters LEE Filters adapter rings for Lee FK Holders
49mm Lee FK adapter ring
52mm Lee FK adapter ring 35.00
55mm Lee FK adapter ring 35.00
58mm Lee FK adapter ring 35.00
62mm Lee FK adapter ring 35.00
67mm Lee FK adapter ring 35.00
72mm Lee FK adapter ring 35.00

77mm Lee FK adapter ring

82mm Lee FK adapter  ring, 60.00
95mm Lee FK adapter  ring 90.00
105mm Lee FK adapter ring, 90.00 ORDER

Lee filters To make the Lee 4x4 FK holder cover the absolute widest of zooms this Lee Filters wide ring below is the one to use in the mm size your lens requires


Lee 49mm Wide Angle adapter ring
Lee 52mm Wide Angle adapter ring 65.00
Lee 55mm Wide Angle adapter ring 65.00
Lee 58mm Wide Angle adapter ring 65.00
Lee 62mm Wide Angle adapter ring 65.00
Lee 67mm Wide Angle adapter ring 65.00
Lee 72mm Wide Angle adapter ring 65.00
Lee 77mm Wide Angle adapter ring

Lee 82mm Wide Angle adapter ring 65.00



Lee Filters Sev5n Big Stopper glass 10 f/stop ND 3.0, only fits in the Lee Sev5n system, 75mm x 90mm, $85.00 ORDER
visit here for 3x3 LEE filters 75mm holders and adapter rings

Lee cleaning kit
itouch,computer and photoclear cloths are not included with Lee Cleaning Kit

Lee filters Lee Filters Cleaning Kit,
Kit includes a 2oz spray bottle of cleaner specially designed for
cleaning resin filters, a large 15x18 inch micro fiber cleaning cloth
perfect size for the 4x6 gradual filters,
the cleaner works like magic on the touch screens,
our itouch looked like new after cleaning
$14.44 ORDER

For Lee FK Filter Holder Components, filter side guides
and which screw size is needed visit this page

Big Stopper Tech info
Tech info, exposure times included with Lee Big Stopper camera filters

Lee FK Holder vs Cokin Z Pro system
The Lee FK Holder compared to the Cokin Z Pro Holder

2014 FYI: pictures are of a older generation LEE FK Holder Cokin no changes
In 2013 a new slightly different LEE Filter holder version is shipping
the only FK 2filter now ships. The 2014 FK holder
now has the trade mark "LEE" on many of the modular parts
comparison pictures of both holders, side by side visit our image page