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Tiffen HT Digital Ultra Clear Camera Filters
Sold now for years! without any HT Digital lens optic coating issues
Tiffen HT multicoated filter

What if
better pictures were as simple as a Tiffen HT Camera lens filter? In fact, they really often are. you can try a new lens, even buy a new HD SLR camera, and still not get the image you're looking for. But add the right Tiffen HT Digital camera lens filter to your lens and you're taking an easy, affordable step toward dramatically improving the quality of your pictures. make a Tiffen HT Digital Camera Filter part of your image making process and draw on the experience and quality that Tiffen camera filters has provided professional image makers for over 77 years. 2filter.com knows a Tiffen lens filter will improve your image files, better inkjet prints, better HD clips, better HD films

Tiffen Motion Picture Camera Filters 4x4 HD Video
 real filter people have answered for over 29 years

2filter's low prices on Tiffen Camera Lens Filters
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Tiffen HT ND Filter Kit
All Tiffen Indie IRND Lens Filter kits come with the same
Tiffen belt pouch as with the kit above

All Tiffen round filters, including all types of circular polarizes and all round Tiffen HT Digital multicoated lens filters's are mounted in traditional low profile Tiffen filter rings using Tiffen's classic retaining ring method to hold the special kinds of optical glass in the Tiffen filter mounts.

Tiffen made in USA
Tiffen Filters are Made in the USA, on Long Island, NY

Please note: Not all camera lens filter manufactures use Tiffen USA, B+W filters or Heliopan's
field proven classic mounting method of the optical filter glass.
Hoya HD3 filters, Hoya VDO and Kenko Zeta ZR filters
are using on the so called "best" series of filters, stamped on filter rings.
Like on may Hoya filters products most are now stamped on rings

Several Hoya series of filters are no longer even made in Japan

Tiffen Motion Picture Camera Filters 4x4 and larger sizes for HD Cinema TV Video

Tiffen DFx Version 2
Buddy at 2filter.com, around all day learning about Tiffen filters
Tiffen filters
Camera filters quality made in the USA
on Long Island, New York

"The first camera lens filter products 2filter started selling in the 70s"

All Tiffen's have a 10 Year Warranty
Tiffen's warranty is 10 times better than many Hoya filters or Kenko Zeta filters
10 year warranty covers all Tiffen filters including the HT Digital multicoated circular polarizers

Tiffen filters made in the USA- better made and cost less.
In real tests Tiffen is proven better than the very over priced,
Hoya EVO, NXT or Hoya HD2 camera filters
Its time to think what is the best camera filter brand,
Don't be fooled by the phony "camera filter test web site" secretly run
by the Hoya Kenko group in Japan, who's really makes the best.

We all work hard for the money we make
and we should expect a Camera Filter manufacturer to stand behind
the camera filter products they make.
Selling to un-educated consumer the extremely over priced Hoya HD2 series
at some the most over inflated prices vs real true value and quality.
German made filters long considered one of the best choices for cameras
cost less than the Hoya HD2 or Hoya EVO filters

The Tiffen's HT Digital filters are in 2016 one of the best buy comparing quality and overall value