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B+W 77 XS Pro Nano Camera Filters, B+W 77 F Pro Camera Filters
and other popular B+W filter sizes on sale, up to 57% OFF
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B+W the ultimate filter brand in the world
Fall Reflections Bethel, Maine

B+W Camera filters made the way quality camera filters
have been made long before Digital SLR's and HD Cinema Cameras
2filter has sold them since the seventies to the US market.

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B+W camera filters are made with pride in Germany.
with German Schott Glass and B+W German machined filter mounts
The same German obsession of quality shows
in ALL B+W/Schneider camera filter products today.
Just like the quality of the 21 yr old Benz SL, the daily driver of our Tech Guy

Free Shipping on all B+W XS Pro Nano, B+W Mrc and B+W F-Pro
camera filter orders over $22 to all USA Zip Codes
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New 2012 B+W camera filters
All B+W camera filters from a USA Schneider Optics Dealer
Have a 10 year USA warranty.
Be careful where you buy your B+W filters a lot of new outlets
have not even been in business for even 5 years.
2filter is celebrating this year our 27th year in business in the USA

Schneider optics
We only sell first quality B+W camera filters
If any B+W camera filter we ship to you
is not perfect for any reason
call us toll free 1-800-882-2832 hours
 We will send you, no charge a replacement filter with a prepaid return envelope for the defective filter 
It never costs you a penny
to correct a problem
Thanks to our years of expertise in selecting the best quality filters, we don't have to replace many

Schneider 4x4 holder

Why B+W filters are worth the price.

B+W camera filters have never been made by pressing the mounting ring on to the optical filter blanks like the Japanese made Hoya HD3 the "high end" and most expensive Hoya filter line. In our option the HD2 is th now with less of a quality storage case.
Hoya HD3 products are made by Hoya pressing/bending the aluminum mount to the optical glass. In 2filter's opinion the cheapest way to make any camera filter. This method is now being used on most Hoya filters and also the Kenko Zeta filters.
Why is it the Hoya HD3's cost way more than the 1st class B+W Brass XS Pro precision mounted camera filters,
Its Time to think about which camera filter brand makes the highest quality camera filters
not just sold the highest prices.
2filter thinks the more you pay for a Hoya the less quality you get.

Link to Schneider USA B+W Filter Catalog PDF
of the B+W Camera Filter Catalog
B+W camera filter catalog available on the German Schneider/B+W web site

2filter.com Authorized USA B+W Dealer
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To Authorized B+W Filter Product Dealers
2filter.com for B+W camera filters rounds, HD digital Cinema, HD slr's still or motion
Schneider 4x4 100mm's, 4x5.65 V or H versions 100mmx150mm,
Century 4x4 100x100 mm, Arri 6x6, Panav 4x5.65 Motion Picture Filters

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B+W Camera Filters
Side view of XS Pro filter mount
Email us for filter prices in quantities of 20 or more of the same B+W Camera filters
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