2filter.com Bottle of Cleaning Solution

2filter.com Bottle of Cleaning Solution


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We at 2filter.com have tried a lot of cleaners and cleaned a few camera filters. Our new cleaning solution is safe and effective on all brands of multi-coated camera filters.

IMPORTANT! Conventional lens cleaners cannot properly clean the unique coatings on multi-coated camera filters and a chemical smear can result. When this happens, it looks like the camera filter is getting worse as you try to clean it.

Many cleaners in the "camera lens cleaning kits" have no product information on the bottles, so be careful, they also may not be good for quality multicoated filter surfaces.

The 2filter.com Cleaning solution cannot repair scratches on multi-coated camera filters, so be careful when you are cleaning any MC camera filter. Do not have any grit/sand on the tissue or micro fiber cloth. Put a drop of 2filter.com cleaning solution on a small wad of clean soft lens cleaning tissue. Gently clean the camera filter with a circular motion. Follow up with a new clean wad of tissue or clean Microfiber cloth, and polish until clean.