77mm Magnetic Professional Night Photography Kit

77mm Magnetic Professional Night Photography Kit

  • Kase Wolverine Magnetic Star Focusing Tool with Adapter Ring
  • Kase Wolverine Magnetic Neutral Night Filter with Adapter Ring
  • Haida Filters Anti-Fog Belt

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The Magnetic Neutral Night filter from Kase filters the yellow cast caused by light pollution during night photography, isolating the harmful effect of artificial lights on imaging. Especially useful for late-night, long-exposure imaging near cities or other sources of light pollution, this filter cuts light from the color spectrum, like that from low-CRI light sources. Properly balanced exposure may be made in-camera, saving post-production time. Water and oil resistant, the sturdy Neutral Night filter is well suited to use in exposed outdoor locations.

Made from KW optical glass and mounted in a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, the Kase Magnetic Star Focusing Tool allows for easy and precise focusing of stars in the night sky.

The multicoated shock resistant filter attaches magnetically to the included adapter ring, and can be stacked with other Kase magnetic series filters.

Haida Anti-Fog Belt

  • Specially designed for camera lenses and telescopes (110mm lenses and less)
  • Prevents condensation by warming up the lens on a camera or telescope
  • Rapid heat with high-tech Graphene material
  • Fits outside diameters less than 4.3" (110mm)
  • Three power settings: Low (35-45 C/ 95-113° F), Medium (45-55 C/ 113-131° F), and High (55-65 C/ 131-149° F)
  • Runs on external USB power
  • Hook-and-loop fastener makes it fast and easy to attach and remove