Lee Filters LEE100 System

At the heart of the LEE100 filter system is the LEE100 holder, designed by photographers for photographers.

The LEE100 holder is an evolution of LEE's tried and tested 100mm filter holder, with improved aesthetics, ergonomic handling, and better performance.

The new LEE100 filter holder comes with a protective slip pouch, and spares to allow you to configure 1, 2 or 3 filter slots.

The innovative three step locking dial provides greater flexibility. With the dial in the middle position you are able to attach and remove the filter holder by way of the spring loaded locking dial. Turning the locking dial a quarter of a turn clockwise puts the dial in the half lock position, locking the holder to the adapter ring but still allowing full 360 degree rotation. Turning the dial a quarter of a turn anticlockwise will lock the holder to both the adapter ring and prevent any rotation, allowing you to adjust and change filters without the position of the holder being affected.

LEE offers a full line of adapter rings for the 100mm system, including both standard and wide angle adapter rings. The wide angle ring features recessed threads that allow the ring to sit closer to the lens and helps to prevent vignetting.

The LEE100 system features a newly redesigned Circular Polarizer that has been conceived to make attaching a polarizing filter as simple as possible. The new clip-on design allows the polarizer to be easily and securely attached to the LEE100 filter holder without the need for any additional hardware.



The LEE100 filter system offers a full line of 100x100mm solid neutral density filters, including the famous LEE Big Stopper 10-Stop Neutral Density Filter.

LEE's 100x150mm Graduated Neutral Density filters are all handmade by skilled technicians in LEE's United Kingdom factory and are available as soft, medium, hard, very hard, and reverse graduated filters.


Not sure which adapter ring to use with your lens? Click here to view LEE's system match page. The system match allows you to select your lens and will display all compatible adapter rings across the entire LEE Filters line.