Lee Filters SW150 System

Landscape photographers have long understood the benefits of ultra-wideangle lenses, but their design constraints made the use of filters virtually impossible. Now, the SW150 Mark II filter system opens up opportunities for the creative use of filters, without the need to be concerned about vignetting.

Created especially for ultra-wideangle lenses, the SW150 Mark II Filter Holder means it's now possible to use filters with a more extensive range of ultra-wideangle lenses than ever before.


Adapter Rings

Adapter rings for the SW150 filter system are available as lens specific adapters and as screw-in adapters that attach directly to the front threads of your lens.


Lens specific Adapter Rings:

The SW150 Mark II fits via a lens adapter that has been specifically designed for that particular lens (the adapter is purchased separately from the filter holder).

Each lens specific adapter consists of a front ring, a compression ring and a locking ring. When fitted, these form a collar that remains on the lens at all times.


Screw-in Adapter Rings:

These adapters work with both the original and Mark II Filter Systems, enabling either to be fitted to lenses with a screw-in filter thread.

This means that the system is no longer limited to just ultra-wideangle lenses.

Screw-in lens adapters are available in the following filter thread sizes:

72mm • 77mm • 82mm • 86mm • 95mm • 105mm


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The SW150 filter system offers a full line of 150x150mm solid neutral density filters, including the famous LEE Big Stopper 10-Stop Neutral Density Filter.

LEE's 150x170mm Graduated Neutral Density filters are all handmade by skilled technicians in LEE's United Kingdom factory and are available as soft, medium, hard, very hard, and reverse graduated filters.


Filter Kits

A wide variety of filter kits are available for the SW150 system, including 2filter's line of custom filter kits!


Not sure which adapter ring to use with your lens? Click here to view LEE's system match page. The system match allows you to select your lens and will display all compatible adapter rings across the entire LEE Filters line.