Marumi EXUS Filters

Marumi EXUS filters are the new, professional-grade line of photographic camera lens filters by the Japanese manufacturer – Marumi Optical Company. The name of the new lens filter series refers to the letters in EXUS, where EX means Excellent and EXperience, U equals Ultimate and S means Specifications (“EXUS conveys the ultimate specifications based on Marumi’s expertise and technology in making lens filters”). Key features of the new Marumi EXUS line include Ultra Low Reflection (about only 0.3%) or 99.7 transmission, new slim mounts and Anti-Static Coatings (ASC) that keeps dust away from the filter’s surface. Marumi EXUS lens filters feature improved water & oil repellency. The 1st filter available in the world with Teflon coatings on the filter threads for easy mounting and removal. Very useful on any of today's high end lenses

This filter features high quality B270 German Schott glass with an anti-static coating that also provides water and oil-resistance to protect the filter from dust, dirt, and moisture and to also aid in cleaning. The thin filter ring design is ideally suited for use with wide-angle lenses and features multiple light-blocking ridges, a satin finish, and a black ink coating to provide a surface reflectivity of less than 0.6% to reduce the likelihood of lens flare and ghosting.

Marumi Filters are manufactured in Japan