B+W 95mm XS-Pro UV Nano MRC 010M Filter
 B+W 95mm XS-Pro UV Nano MRC 010M Filter
 B+W 95mm XS-Pro UV Nano MRC 010M Filter 1

B+W 95mm XS-Pro UV Nano MRC 010M Filter

Although UV filters were designed originally for film cameras, this filter works great as a protective filter on any lens. With the advances of the digital age the sensors in many DSLRs are not susceptible to ultra violet rays, meaning they simply cannot see or interpret them. In this case the UV filtration effects of this filter are nullified and the filter then becomes a very high quality, high clarity, protection filter that will retain perfect image quality and crispness. This filter has a 99.8% light transmission rating, is made with high quality German Schott glass and is mounted in a brass ring. This filter will protect your lens from front element damage. Without a protective filter the damage could result in having to replace your expensive lens - wouldn’t you rather replace a filter instead of a lens?

This UV filter blocks the invisible ultra violet component of light from the sky, which can cause blur and to which many color films react to with a blue cast. These filters should be called UV-blocking filters because they are filters for technical applications that pass UV radiation and block all the other wavelengths. Nevertheless, the short term “UV filter” has become established among photographers.

UV filters are ideal for photography in high altitudes (in the mountains), by the sea and in regions with very clean air. The pictures gain brilliance and the unwanted blue casts are avoided. Because the glass is colorless, color rendition is not altered; aside from the elimination of the unwanted blue cast, and no increase in exposure is required. That makes a UV filter very suitable as protection for the front element against dust, flying sand, sea water spray and the like; additionally it can be kept on the lens at all times. It is recommended for analog color and black-and-white as well as digital photography.

The nano coating is an outer layer of protection that comes standard with all XS-Pro Digital nano MRC filters. The nanotechnology based characteristic (lotus effect) produces a better beading effect with water, making the cleaning of this filter even simpler and faster than ever before. The MRC nano coating has an improved outer (8th) layer over regular MRC coatings.

This filter uses the B+W XS-Pro Digital mount which is especially suited for DSLRs with wide angle and zoom lenses. The XS-Pro UV Filter mount measures only 3.5mm in thickness and still has front threads for additional accessories such as lens caps or hoods. Industry leading B+W uses only the highest quality German Schott glass for outstanding results every time. All XS-Pro Digital mounts are made of brass and are matte black to prevent reflections.