Haida 75mm NanoPro ND 3.0 10 Stop Filter
Haida 75mm NanoPro ND 3.0 10 Stop Filter
Haida 75mm NanoPro ND 3.0 10 Stop Filter 1

Haida 75mm NanoPro ND 3.0 10 Stop Filter


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An essential filter for long exposure photography, allowing you to capture movement in the skies and water! The Haida NanoPro ND 3.0 Filter provides a 10-stop reduction in light and can be used on its own, or combined with other filters such as solid Neutral Density Filters, Graduated Neutral Density Filters, or Circular Polarizers.

The Haida Nano Pro Multicoated Neutral Density Filter is made from high quality optical glass that is 2mm thick and provides a solid stop exposure, creating a darkening of the entire image and allowing you photograph with a wider aperture and slower shutter speed. By slowing your exposure time or increasing your aperture, you are able to control depth of field and convey movement more easily. Neutral Density filters do not affect the overall coloration of the image.

The latest NanoPro series filters from Haida feature a NanoPro multi-coating, which helps to prevent dirt and smudges from adhering to the glass, reduce reflections, and are both scratch and water proof. The Nano Pro Multicoating is applied to both sides of the filter and helps prevent color cast while maintaining image sharpness. The Haida Nano pro filters are highly scratch-resistant, durable and have beveled corners, to avoid unwanted breakage, the Haida filters will provide many years of reliable service.

Haida filters ship in a protective metal case and are compatible with 75mm filter holders, including the Haida 75-Pro Series Filter Holder, and Lee Seven5 Filter Holder.