"> Haida M10 Drop-in Clear Night Filter
Haida M10 Clear Night
Haida M10 Clear Night
Haida M10 Clear Night  1

Haida M10 Clear Night

  • Reduce Light Pollution in Night Sky
  • Block Yellow Sodium-Vapor Light
  • Block Yellow Mercury-Vapor Light
  • Block Yellow Light from Low CRI LED's

Estimated Delivery 10-14 Days

The Haida M10 Clear Night filter is a dedicated drop-in filter for the Haida M10 100mm Filter Holder.

The innovative new drop-in filter design of the M10 filter holder allows the M10 drop-in filter to be placed in a dedicated filter slot that creates a light tight seal while still allowing for the use of square and rectangular filters using the filter guides found on traditional filter holders.

The Clear Night Filter is designed to reduce light pollution in nighttime photography, allowing you to capture the beauty of the nighttime sky! The resulting images will have true to life colors and improved contrast when compared to images influenced by light pollution.