Haida M10-II 100mm Enthusiast Kit
Haida M10-II 100mm Enthusiast Kit
Haida M10-II 100mm Enthusiast Kit 1

Haida M10-II 100mm Enthusiast Kit

  • Haida M10-II 100mm Filter Holder (with light barrier)
  • Haida M10 Adapter Rings: 67, 72, 77, 82mm
  • Haida M10-II Drop-in Nano-coated Circular Polarizer
  • Haida Red Diamond 100x100mm ND 1.8 6-Stop Filter
  • Haida Red Diamond 100x150mm Soft Grad ND 0.9 3-Stop Filter
  • Haida M10 Filter Bag

Estimated Delivery 10-14 Days

The second generation of Haida's innovative M10 100mm Filter Holder, the M10-II holder features a new non-slip design to allow for easier use in all weather conditions and has been redesigned with a new locking design for quicker attachment to the adapter ring, new filter guides that snap into place, eliminating the need to remove screws to add or remove a guide. Finally the M10-II filter holder features a new locking knob that will keep the holder in place after it has been rotated.

The Red Diamond filters feature a shock-and-scratch-resistant design, making them ideally suited to the harsh challenges of outdoor landscape photography. Haida Red Diamond Filters feature an ultra-thin Nano Multicoating that retains superb image sharpness as well as delivering true color with zero color cast. The Red Diamond series is double the strength of a normal glass filter, which provides for a low risk of accidental breakage. An ND Filter provides a solid stop exposure, creating a darkening of the entire image and allowing you photograph with a wider aperture and slower shutter speed. By slowing your exposure time or increasing your aperture, you are able to control depth of field and convey movement more easily.

Soft Edge Graduated Neutral Density Filters start clear at the bottom of the filter before transitioning into the Neutral Density effect as it approaches the center and gradually becoming strongest at the top of the filter.