Kase 82mm Wolverine KW Revolution Magnetic Mega Filter Kit

Kase 82mm Wolverine KW Revolution Magnetic Mega Filter Kit


  • Silver Frame Circular Polarizer
  • Blue Frame ND8 0.9 3-Stop Filter
  • Yellow Frame ND64 1.8 6-Stop Filter
  • Red Frame ND1000 3.0 10-Stop Filter
  • Green Frame Neutral Night Filter
  • Black Frame R-MCUV Filter
  • Two adapter rings - Traditional screw-in ring, and inlaid magnetic ring
  • Front Lens Cap
  • Filter Pouch

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Need an adapter ring or lens cap? Click here to shop compatible accessories for the KW Revolution filter kits.

PLEASE NOTE: The KW Revolution filters require the Skyeye front lens cap (available at the link above).

Each filter is made with shock resistant KW optical glass and is color coded to allow for quick and easy identification. The Revolution filter kit includes an inlaid magnetic adapter ring that is installed inside the lens and causes no extra thickness between the lens and filters, helping to reduce vignetting.

Once installed within the lens the inlaid ring still allows for the use of the original lens cap or traditional screw-in in filters to be used. The inlaid ring can also be installed within the threads of a traditional screw-in filter to allow for the use of magnetic filters.