Kase 95mm Wolverine Magnetic Master Kit

Kase 95mm Wolverine Magnetic Master Kit


  • 95mm Magnetic Adapter Ring
  • 95mm ND 3.0 (10-Stop) Filter
  • 95mm Circular Polarizer
  • 95mm Soft GND 0.9 Filter
  • 77-95mm Step-up Adapter Ring
  • 82-95mm Step-up Adapter Ring
  • Magnetic Lens Cap
  • Filter Bag

Estimated Delivery 10-14 Days

The Kase Wolverine 95mm Magnetic Master Filter Kit contains three filters that can be used individually or in various combinations to improve the results of your photography. The included filters consist of a solid neutral density filter, a soft-edge graduated neutral density filter, and a circular polarizer filter.

Together, these filters provide a versatile solution for various lighting conditions. Mounted within nonthreaded aluminum filter rings, each Kase Wolverine magnetic filter is made to fit within a Kase Magnetic Lens Adapter Ring for Wolverine Magnetic Filters. The filters feature tempered, shock-resistant optical glass that includes multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings to prevent internal ghosting and reflections while further enhancing clarity as well as color fidelity. These coatings also offer greater protection to the filter substrate and help it to stay clean for longer than with uncoated filters.

The included magnetic lens adapter ring allows a Kase Wolverine magnetic filter to be used on a lens with 95mm front filter threads. It is constructed from steel and allows for the convenient installation or removal of that filter. With a Kase Magnetic Lens Adapter Ring, up to four Kase Wolverine magnetic filters can be magnetically stacked in front of a camera lens.