Lee Filters 105mm Standard Adapter Ring

Lee Filters 105mm Standard Adapter Ring

  • For the LEE Filters 100mm filter system
  • Compatible with the LEE100 Filter Holder and LEE FK Foundation Kit
  • Suitable for use with lenses up to a moderate wide-angle
  • Sits in front of the lens' front threads
  • Compatible with lens focal lengths of approximately 28mm (35mm SLR equivalent) and upwards

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The adapter ring is crucial to the LEE Filters system. It screws onto the cameraís lens and the Lee Filter holder is then secured to the adapter ring by the locking pin of the LEE100 filter holder.

Because the threads protrude from the adapter ring, it sits in front of the lensís front thread.

The standard adapter ring is compatible with all lens focal lengths from approximately 24-28mm (35mm SLR equivalent) and upwards.