Lee Filters 4x5.65

Lee Filters 4x5.65" ProGlass Cine IRND Filter Kit

  • 4mm thick 4x5.65" Cinema Filters
  • Includes seven solid ND filters
  • 0.3 (1-Stop), 0.6 (2-Stop), 0.9 (3-Stop), 1.2 (4-Stop), 1.5 (5-Stop), 1.8 (6-Stop), and 2.1 (7-Stop)

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This ProGlass CINE IRND Filter Kit from LEE Filters contains seven 4x5.65", 4mm thick solid neutral density filters. They can each be used to create a darkening of the entire frame, allowing you to record or photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required. By slowing your exposure time or increasing your aperture, you are able to control depth of field or convey movement more easily.

Each filter is optimized for use with digital sensors to promote nearly flat attenuation of visible as well as infrared light, and is constructed from scratch-resistant optical glass with a metallic, black rim. The glass provides increased clarity as well as color fidelity while the black rim further ensures that reflections do not occur along the filter's edge.