Lee Filters LEE100 Long Exposure Kit
Lee Filters LEE100 Long Exposure Kit
Lee Filters LEE100 Long Exposure Kit 1

Lee Filters LEE100 Long Exposure Kit

  • LEE100 Filter Holder
  • LEE100 Little Stopper 6 Stop ND 1.8 Filter
  • LEE100 Big Stopper 10 Stop ND 3.0 Filter
  • LEE100 0.6 Hard Graduated Neutral Density Filter


The new LEE100 Filter Holder – designed for photographers by photographers. You spoke and Lee listened. The risk of the Filter holder accidentally falling off has long been a concern for the Lee FK Holder, with the redesigned lock dial this holder will always stay safe and secure. After you place the holder on the adapter ring just rotate the large nodule on the dial up, this will lock the Filter Holder to the adapter ring but will not restrict rotational movement. This means you can confidently angle your Graduated ND filter without worrying about knocking the filter holder off the adapter ring. Rotate the small nodule on the dial up and the LEE100 Filter Holder will lock itself in position making it easier to insert filters into the Holder while its attached to the lens. This also gives you the ability to adjust where the grad line falls within the frame without fear of the holder falling off or having to recompose your shot.

Three modular filter guide blocks with guide block covers are included with LEE100 Holder. Each of the three guide blocks, to hold one, two or three filters, are designed to reduce vignetting with their tapered profile. No more screwdriver needed, with a guide block removal tool you can quickly and easily remove the guide block cover and switch out the modular filter guide block. Just use the pointed end of the tool to remove the guide block cover and the flat end to pop the guide block out. Then just snap in place the guide block you wish to use and replace the guide block cover.

The LEE100 Filter Holder is made of glass filled nylon, making it lightweight and extremely rugged. It’s elegant and sleek design has improved aesthetics and promotes ergonomic handling. Lee Filters had its many loyal followers in mind and made sure that the LEE100 Holder is compatible with all current Lee Filters Adapters and 100mm Filters. You can upgrade your Lee Filter Holder without having to buy all new Adapters!

The LEE Stoppers are solid ND filters that allow you to increase the exposure in your images, rendering clouds soft, water smooth and milky, car headlights as streaks of color, or people as abstract, blurred figures. The Little Stopper is a 6-stop ND 1.8 filter that is ideal for low-light conditions, such as dawn or dusk. The Big Stopper is a 10-stop ND 3.0 filter that is ideal for the midday setting when the sun is brightest.

LEE Graduated Filters are rectangular in shape and are clear in the bottom portion of the filter before transitioning to the ND effect near the middle. Grad filters are used to balance the exposure in certain parts of the image, and the rectangular shape allows you to align the filter within the holder to adjust the location of the grad line in the image. Hard grads work best with images that contain a flat horizon or hard transition between the sky and the foreground, such as the ocean.

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