PolarPro LiteChaser Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max Photography Kit

PolarPro LiteChaser Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max Photography Kit

The fundamental setup.

Capture deeper colors and reduce glare, reflections, and haze from your photos with the Circular Polarizer. Attach the grip to your LiteChaser Pro case or tripod for a secure hold.

Kit Includes:

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Case
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Grip
  • Circular Polarzier Filter
Maximize your creative experience and push the boundaries of what a mobile phone can accomplish by controlling unwanted light before it enters your lens with our mobile-optimized Circular Polarizer. The complete creative system is built specifically for mobile filmmakers and photographers to deliver shots never before possible on the iPhone. Utilizing our knowledge and experience with pro-camera systems we created an innovative LiteChaser Grip, resemblant of current camera systems on the market. Combining both comfort and performance — during both horizontal and vertical orientations — the grip includes two ¼”-20 thread mounts making it a rock-solid mobile tripod mount with features to add a light or mic. Whether recording for your Instagram stories, vlogging your travels or even producing your own short film, take control of your content and reach high-production levels with this uniquely customizable system.


  • Built for iPhone® 11 Pro Max
  • Ideal system for mobile content creators
  • Compact case design fits in most gimbal setups
  • Rail system allows for adjusting grip placement
  • All filters feature CinemaSeries™ Glass
  • Each filter includes a hard case and Defender filter cover