Schneider 4X4

Schneider 4X4" Soft Edge Graduated ND 0.3 (1-Stop) Filter

Helping to balance exposures within a scene, this 4x4" MPTV Graduated Neutral Density Soft Edge Filter from Schneider is ideally suited for situations involving both bright and dark areas, such as an open sky and shadowed foreground. Half of the filter is clear with a soft-edged transition between the clear portion of the filter and the neutral density portion that is ideally suited for use with long focal length lenses. By reducing the exposure in selective areas, you are able to balance the overall exposure of the scene in order to gain detail in both bright and dark areas.

This filter is designed to maintain a true and neutral color balance, and it has been constructed from precision ground and polished water-white optical glass for a high degree of clarity and contrast. It measures 4x4" and is intended for use in matte boxes.