Formatt Hitech

The Science of Light

Formatt-Hitech are a boutique filter manufacturing company based in Wales, UK. Formatt-Hitech differentiates itself from other filter manufacturers in four key areas:

  • Rigorous application of science in the development of new filters.
  • The most advanced computer controlled manufacturing in the industry.
  • We use only the highest quality materials.
  • Manufactured in Aberdare, Wales, UK.

Science and Light Modification

People often talk about the color temperature of light, referring to “daylight balance” or “tungsten balance.” But this only tells a small part of the overall story. That is the primary color temperature. But when examined under a spectrograph, light is actually spread out across the entire frequency spectrum from ultraviolet, to visible light, to near-infrared and infrared.

When we design filters, we examine - scientifically - how the light is modified at all frequencies in the spectrum. This is especially important in developing filters such as the ProStop IRND, where at the highest densities only allow 0.0009765625% of light to reach the sensor. With such a minuscule amount of light passing through the filter, it’s extremely important that all frequencies are attenuated precisely to ensure that there is no color shifting. The need for advanced science extends beyond neutral densities, so Formatt-Hitech employ a full-time scientist to examine light modification and ensure quality control.