Formatt Hitech 100mm System

2filter has always strived to provide our customers with a wide variety of products that are priced in line with the quality and performance that our customers deserve. At this time, we have decided that we will no longer be stocking Formatt-Hitech filters.

Currently we are happy to offer drop in filter systems from the following companies:

LEE Filters click here to go to Lee Filters

NiSi Filters click here to go to NiSi Filters

Haida Filters click here to go to Haida Filters will continue to strongly support the Lee filter line which in our opinion is one of the highest quality drop in filter systems in the United States. Lee has consistently proven itself to be an industry leader by creating high quality products for all levels of photographers, from hobbyist to professionals.

We have recently added the NiSi filter line to our catalog. NiSi has been well established for over 9 years throughout Europe and Asia and although NiSi is new to the United States; it has quickly received high praise for its cutting edge, extremely high quality glass IR multicoated filters developed to ensure neutrality.

We are also happy to announce the Haida filter line, an all glass filter line that is well established internationally and respected as one of the top up and coming filter lines currently available. Based on the outstanding reviews this line has already received, we believe this to be a great addition!

All drop in filters from these manufacturers are compatible with one another. For example; you can use Lee, NiSi or Haida filters in any of these 4x4 holders.

We feel that we have selected the highest quality offerings for our customers, based on everything from performance to availability, and will continue to offer the same high level of customer service on these and every brand 2filter offers.

For differences in neutrality, pricing, etc. please contact one of our Technical experts at 800-882-2832 or Send email for technical information.