Vu Sion Drop In Filters

Whether you're capturing stills or motion, you expect quality. You expect the best. You expect your equipment to never fail. We expect the same from ourselves.

This is why we created Vu Sion, our best effort in providing you with handcrafted filters that boast the utmost in optic quality. Featuring the industry's best optical resolution, a revolutionary White Balanced Multi Coat, and a specially formulated Flat Wave Overcoat, our filters help you forget about the equipment so you can get back to shooting because that's what matters.

Unsurpassed Optic Resolution

Our filters are held to the highest optic resolution standards and will not degrade your image when placed in front of a lens.

Flat Wave Overcoat

Optic coating that gives the filter's surface a "smoother-than-glass" finish, making filter maintenance and care much easier.

White Balanced Multi-Coating

Specially formulated coating process that ensures that there is no color shift when placing the filter in front of a lens.

Hand crafted and Inspected

Run in small batches, hand crafted, and individually inspected to ensure the utmost in optic quality.

5 Year Limited Warranty

Covers defects of any kind in the workmanship and materials of the product.